What I'm About

Guess what? I'm not a HEALER...

I’m no shaman, guru, someone gifted with special powers. I’m just your teacher, your mentor, your guide. You are in fact your own healer, guru, higher power, shaman. I may be a few steps ahead of you on the path, and can offer my guidance to you. My soul purpose is to heal myself, my ancestral karma & family trauma. That purpose has manifested through yoga, meditation, guidance, mentorship, and energy work. I am here to help you do what I did, to bring your healing journey into action. Here’s a lil story of how this all came to be…

Waking In the Magic Dream Life..

The day I woke up, the day I felt energy move, everything changed. My life in 2016 was cracking open, slowly. I had an on/off relationship with my partner who sadly suffered as an addict. I had anger towards my parents, was stressed at work, stuck in life. I was lacking love, respect, abundance, purpose. I was also unaware. I believed that the harder I worked, if I got to the the next level in my career… love, money, connection would all arrive, but instead something else showed up

May of 2016, I was questioning all lanes of my life, so of course I went to a festival, weeee! I was curious to learn from others & of course wanted to have fun. Now you’re probably thinking, ohhhh it was those shrooms, eye roll. But my dear friend Andrew is my witness. He stuck with me the whole weekend. I did not consume one single hallucinogen, and had the transformational experience of a million suns.

Genius Loci is a term to describe the presiding spirit of a place & perhaps it was collective energy that prompted my shift. I entered the Magic Dream Life. all in one weekend, intense, almost to the point of madness. My energy rose to my third eye & then I felt it, All. Pure love, loss, joy, sadness, anger, grief. It was the first time I had visions, the first time I cried for what most of humanity cannot feel in their souls, but also the first time I felt trust, possibility. I met my guides, made peace with some souls & left thinking, “please check me into a clinic, I can’t handle this, there’s something wrong with me.” In truth, I was very lost, no one to talk to and I had no faith. This was no burning bush, Ten Commandments scenario.

What a Long Strange Trip it's Been...

My mama gave me my first Grateful Dead shirt that I treasure to this day. She always told me that it was ok to be a little weird, a little different, and I needed that advice more than anything. 

So what happened? Well, lightning fast I left my partner. Broke free of co-dependency and false relationships. I took on a new role at my company & began to love myself. Ra Yoga became my second home. Daily practice grew into a teacher training. I gained self-confidence through solo travel. I made friends who wanted to trust spirit, friends who lived off the grid, friends who connected with nature, friends who wanted to feel energy. I picked up a surfboard, put some words on paper, looked through a camera lens & never stopped growing. I began to work with this life energy. I’ve learned to love my body, trust my gut, set boundaries, work for myself. I started manifesting, living with faith, connecting to my soul purpose. 

Today I work with my two teachers Emily & Robert to strengthen my connection to energy. I am a messenger. My power lies in healing, visions, and words. I have a specific purpose to heal ancestral karma and family trauma. My mother’s lineage holds Mayan shamanism and my father’s lineage is Peruvian, Spanish descent that has asked for me to return. I am here to heal the earth & am studying sustainability to help companies. I’m one of those old souls, brought back to pass on my knowledge. To guide others in their healing journeys. Once we begin our work together, you are my student and I, your devoted teacher.

How I can help you

Discovering Soul Purpose
Decrease in stress
Recover mobility
Relieve pain
Increase in Confidence

My knowledge & who taught me

Advanced Soul Recovery: Emily Laine and Robert Layton

In early 2018, I met Emily & began attending her workshops, which transitioned into energy healing sessions with both Emily & Robert. They are my mentors, guides, lifelong teachers & have passed on practices, which have helped me strengthen my own healing. I am continuing my work with them through their Energy Coaching & Mastery program.

750X750BB (1)

200 HR foundation training from Ra Yoga in Costa Mesa, CA. The Ra TT program focuses on Vinyasa principles & guides new teachers to find their voices & authentic selves through teaching.

Jill is a Maui-based teacher specializing in yin & yoga nidra. I completed principles of yin yoga as a one on one training, which allowed me to absorb more information & customize to my teaching style.


Completing a year long 300 HR foundation in yoga therapy. Be the Change specializes in the Viniyoga method, therapeutic practices, and in innovative teaching principles for our modern day lives.