Made-For-The-Soul Transformations

The Radiance mentorship and training programs take you on a full, holistic, transformative journey. Incorporating practices from yoga, meditation, sound, energy work & positive psychology.

Solo, couples or small group sessions. Lessons available for all levels and conditions.  One on one sessions are perfect for those bouncing back from injuries, working with a pre-existing condition, or those who simply don’t like packed studios

Under my guidance, we work 1-1 to clear, release blocks, and transmute energy. We always work with intention & purpose. Energy Healing takes those who are ready into the more subtle realm of holistic health. 

Why you may be here...


You have a sense of loving awareness, for yourself, others, and for your environment. Self-care and self-love are the first steps in our healing journeys.               


You understand that vitality & longevity derive from sustained movement, exercise & diet. Your well-being is part of your self-respect practice.


A little extra help never hurts. Perhaps there is something you need to release, understand, or a physical pain point you are addressing. Guidance is key.

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What clients say

Students share their experiences...


Restorative yoga/meditation/breathwork student

"Prior to starting yoga I had chronic back pain and my flexibility was almost nonexistent. Since dedicating myself to yoga 2-3 days a week, my ​back pain has significantly decreased, and my flexibility has increased. Yoga has helped me prevent future injuries, and diminished the chances of old injuries coming back. Surfing is one of my biggest passions, and breathwork in yoga helps me stay in the present and remain calm when I find myself in an uncomfortable situation. The breath has also helped me listen to my body and be conscious of my overall mental well-being."



Vinyasa yoga/meditation student

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